The 7 Key Factors that Hold Feminine lightworkers from Thriving

The 7 Key Factors that Hold Feminine lightworkers from Thriving

Calling All driven feminine introverted spiritual empaths, transformational lightworkers, holistic healers, and soul workers

✨Are you living up to your full potential and power? 

✨Are you held back by fear, intimidation, imbalance, or limiting beliefs from showing up to your full potential? 

Introducing the Masterclass:

⭐⭐7 Key Factors That Hold Feminine Spiritual Empaths From Thriving (And how you can Unleash your Feminine Spiritual Empath Powers)⭐⭐

In this Masterclass video training, you will discover:

⭐7 Factors that Hold you Back

⭐7 Keys to Success

⭐How to balance Masculine & Feminine Energies and Step Into your Power

⭐Discover Limiting Beliefs and Shadows that Hold You Back

⭐The Formula to Manifest Your Success

➕BONUS - PDF Workbook to go along with the Masterclass

✨This Masterclass will show you how you can finally Unleash Your Powers and Thrive as a Feminine Spiritual Empath visionary. It’s your time to shine!✨

Blissful love, Kohava

2 Modules

Masterclass PDF Workbook


Remember, Lesson 1 contains the PDF workbook, and Lesson 2 contains the Masterclass Video!


Blissful Love, Kohava

Modules for this product 2
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