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You are honored and welcomed here, come as you are be yourself...

I’m Kohava. I am a women's advocate, a mother, a wife, a  spiritual empath visionary entrepreneur, a holistic nurse practitioner, master healer, visionary lightworker, and spiritual teacher. I am the founder of Emerging Vibrant Woman and the leader of the Soul Sisterhood Collective ~Thriving Empath Visionaries Facebook group.

I have mentored many women to step up and manifest their higher purpose. My mission is helping feminine spiritual empaths and soul workers as they help others to heal, but, is experiencing life’s challenges, and need help showing up to their full potential.

I am passionate about guiding women to build a courageous mindset and overcome limiting beliefs of fear, doubt, and intimidations, so they can courageously shine, communicate assertively, fearlessly speak up, evolve, and flourish so they can easily lead an automatic life to achieve success.

I am committed to growth, healing, empowerment, learning, transformation, spreading love, light, and positive vibes.

I offer many programs and private sessions that reflect on my commitments. Click below to get started! 

Available Products

Free self-paced 6 Day Guided Meditation Challenge

In this Self-paced 6-day guided meditation challenge, you'll receive a new guided meditation in a video format each day, right to your inbox. 

These meditations are designed to calm, refresh, and empower the feminine soul. You'll finish feeling grounded and focused, & ready to take on your day.

A journey through the Chakra system for balance and alignment. Experience affirmations, manifestation, gratitude practice, gentle body movements, breathwork, and more, these meditations will give you the power to step into a more free and vibrant version of yourself.

Day 1: Chakra Balancing Meditation 

Day 2: Awaken Your Body's Awareness

Day 3: Clear Vision to Manifest Your Life

Day 4: Forgiveness Meditation 

Day 5: Sunrise Meditation 

Day 6: Gratitude Meditation 

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Create Your Sacred Space (Free Download!)

Welcome Sister,

We all need a space where we can escape, recharge, and feel safe. 

Sometimes life gets overwhelming.. and we just want to run away. 

In this guide, I will teach you how to create a sacred space in your home to allow your feminine soul to thrive... 

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6 Guided Meditation Scripts for Your Holistic Practice

Take your holistic practice to the next level with these in-depth, transformational, guided meditation scripts. Everything is written for you, all you have to do is read the guide with ease!

I have spent over 20 years coaching, teaching, mentoring, and guiding women through all stages of life. I would like to share some of what I have developed as you journey to become an Empowered Emerging Entrepreneur.

Use these scripts 1 on 1, in a group setting, or online. These scripts also include introductions and prompts for you to confidently and powerfully guide anyone through these meditations, including simple eye and body movements.

This bundle includes:

  • Chakra Balancing Meditation
  • Awakening Your Body's Awareness
  • Clear Vision to Manifest Your Life
  • Forgiveness Meditation
  • Sunrise Meditation
  • Gratitude Meditation

The 7 Key Factors that Hold Feminine lightworkers from Thriving

Calling all transformational lightworkers, spiritual empaths, holistic healers, and soul workers...

7 Key Factors that Hold Feminine Spiritual Empaths from Thriving Masterclass  (And how you can Unleash your Feminine Spiritual Empath Powers) 

Balance your masculine and feminine energies to claim yourself as a manifesto visionary, know and love yourself fully, be content to show up to your full potential as a spiritual empath visionary. 

Learn :

  • 7 key factors that hold Feminine Spiritual empath from thriving
  • Learn The 7 keys to success
  • How to balance masculine and feminine energies and claim your power
  • Discover your limiting beliefs and shadows that hold you back
  • The formula to manifest your success 

Awaken Your Abundance Mindset

Calling all women on a spiritual journey…
Healers, Empaths, Holistic practitioners,
Transformational coaches, and self-improvement seekers

Within you lies the power to rise above all your struggles and transform into the brightest & strongest version of yourself

Free Yourself From Worry & Abundance Blocks

Reconnect With Your Soul’s Purpose & Passion

Create Space For YOUR Dreams & Desires

Nurture & Develop YOU

Manifest Your Life in 28 Days Journal

The secret to manifesting anything that you desire is your willingness and ability to realign yourself so that your inner world is in harmony with the power of intention.

Journaling doesn't have to be challenging, learn the power of journaling, make it fun every day

I created this powerful 28-day journal to guide you to manifest the life you desire ~ in 28 days you will have a clear vision of your unique and authentic path! 

This journal includes: 

1- Helpful tips for Journaling

2 - 7 steps to manifest your yearnings  

3 - 28 days of journaling 

4 - Daily Prompts for Goal Setting and Journaling Ideas

5 - Daily Affirmations for Embracing Your Life, Loving Yourself, and Living Your Best Life 

Overcome Your Fear of Online Visibility

Are you afraid of being seen online? 

Do you hesitate to go Live on Facebook? 

Is it hard to post pictures or videos of yourself online?

Do you need to be visible online to build your business? 

Many women feel this fear of being seen online... and it holds them (and their business) back. 

In this 4 part video series, you’ll learn tools to help overcome your fears of being visible and present in the online community.

You’ll find the confidence and courage to take action in virtual platforms like:

  • Facebook Live
  • Zoom Calls
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Leading Women’s Circles

The world needs your magic.
​STOP letting fear and doubt keep you from reaching the souls who need you.

Rise Above Your Limitations E-Book

Rise Above Your Limitations Ebook

Helping women to rise through rituals, meditations, and self-empowerment tools

Calling all women on a spiritual journey… Healers, Empaths, Holistic seekers, new Transformational coaches, yoga teachers, lightworkers and self-improvement seekers… or women who are simply seeking to transform their own lives and the lives of other women around them.

10 beautiful and powerful emerging vibrant women leaders gathered together to co-create a FREE gift: “Rise Above Your Limitations Ebook” where they share their knowledge and offerings.

  • Step by step tools for spiritual and personal growth
  • Personal empowerment tools to grow and evolve
  • How to create sacred spaces in your personal life and in your business
  • The benefits of soul sisterhood circles
  • Powerful rituals to use in your women’s circle
  • Meditations to achieve peace and balance
  • Simple business tools that will help you grow and prosper

This Ebook has been created with love to empower and inspire women to thrive in their lives and careers, and enjoy the freedom lifestyle we all deserve.

We are all here together on a mission to co-create and help each other rise, grow, and be successful globally. We want to provide you with everything you need for your journey of empowerment: resources, tools, rituals, and more.

You are honored and welcome here.
Come as you are. Be yourself.

Love Your True Self Toolkit

The journey of awakening your Empowered Woman Within begins with learning to master loving your true self.

Loving your true self is not a selfish act. Self-love enables you to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the qualities that are uniquely you, recognize your value and embrace your life purpose so you are able to love yourself and others to the fullest.

What’s included in the Love Your True Self Toolkit:

  • Love Your True Self Workbook

  • Vision Board Workbook

  • 7 Tips for Making Big Life Changes

  • 16 Ways to Experience Serenity

  • 16 Videos to Enhance Your Serenity

  • Daily & Weekly Planners

Learn how to Love Your True Self.

Download this powerful toolkit now!

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